Online video has boomed over the last few years and it continues to show very few signs of slowing down. The numbers speak for themselves.

It's expected that video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.
Source: Cisco

YouTube mobile video consumption is growing by 100% every year.
Source: YouTube

85% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies.
Source: HubSpot

It's clear that video marketing is an ever increasingly powerful way to showcase your products and services, attract customers and increase sales.

If your business isn't using video in 2020, you risk being left behind.

Here are my top five reasons for why your small business needs video right now:

1.  Reach your target audience.

Video is a brilliant way of helping improve your website's ranking on search engines. Adding quality video to your landing pages can dramatically improve click-through rates.

People love watching video on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - so sharing video content here can help you reach your target audience and drive visitors back to your website.

2.  Showcase your products and services.

Whether it's explaining complicated information, demonstrating how a product works, or simply telling your business story - video is an extremely visual and versatile way of delivering your message online.

Done properly, video can help build brand trust, loyalty, likeability and allows customers to put a 'face' to your business.

3.  Engage your customers.

The best promotional videos are the ones that make an emotional connection with your audience. And what better way than with a story?

Well-told stories can communicate the whole ethos, passion and value of your business in just a couple of minutes. When customers remember your story, they remember your brand, which in turn translates into more sales.

The first part of my four-stage video production process is all about learning about your business, finding out more about your audience and understanding what you want your video to achieve. It's from these insights that I then develop the best creative treatment to engage your target audience.

4.  Sell, sell, sell.

A powerful marketing message successfully delivered through video can help convert website visitors into leads.

Customers are often more likely to purchase your product or service after watching a video that gives them more information about it.

Research has shown that embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by a phenomenal 80% (Source: Forbes).

5.  Stand out from the competition.

Finally, video can act as a key weapon in the battle to make your business stand out from the crowd.

With so many other companies competing for your customers' attention, a professionally produced video can help you cut through the noise and make sure your business message is the one they remember.

I draw on over 13 years' TV production experience to create powerful promotional videos that captivate your customers and compel them to act. My aim is to take the viewer right to the heart of your business, show them what makes you unique, and ultimately persuade them to buy from you over your competitors.


Online video looks set to continue to thrive, with more and more businesses predicted to adopt it as part of their marketing strategies next year.

As the competition for your customers' attention increases further in 2021, it's never been more important to produce high quality video that cuts through the noise, tells your story in an engaging way and compels your customers to act.

Everyone can make a video these days. But creating an emotional connection with your customers through professionally produced film? That's my special strength.

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Michael Wood video production in Ilkley

Michael Wood is a freelance video producer based in Ilkley. With over 13 years experience as a BBC-trained television director, he now uses his TV production skills to help small businesses stand out from the crowd with powerful online videos.