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Ground Stiffness Surveys

A glossy 'film trailer' to showcase a pioneering ground engineering technology.

GSS is a geotechnical engineering company that carries out site assessments for some of the world's largest building contractors. I produced a glossy 'film trailer' to demonstrate the key selling points of their innovative ground profiling technology.


Ground Stiffness Surveys




The brief

GSS carries out rapid and accurate ground profiling using a specialist wave technology. I was asked to produce a short promotional video for use on the company's website, in presentations and at exhibitions.

The purpose of the video was to show the system in action, highlight the unique benefits of the technology and convey GSS's industry experience and quality of work.

The solution

I spent a considerable amount of time learning about the business and how the technology worked.

We shot the video at a mock test site in Cumbria. This meant I had full control over the filming and could ask the engineers to repeat various stages of the process for the camera where required.

Just like a film trailer, the video had to set a mood. I wanted the shots of the set-up to feel professional and effortless, so we filmed them in slow motion and set them to a music track that evoked a cinematic feel.

The key selling points of the technology were displayed as on-screen graphics, carefully motion-tracked onto the live action footage.


I storyboarded the whole video in advance of filming. This meant I knew exactly what shots we had to capture and how they needed to be framed.


All of the filming was completed in just one day by a two-person crew across two different filming locations. We filmed in slow motion in full HD.


The video was edited across three days and professionally colour graded. A cross-sectional graphic was designed to show how the technology works.


The finished promotional video was delivered in HD format to the client for use on their website, in presentations and at trade exhibitions.

In their own words

Thank you for all your hard work. We were really impressed by your level of detail and professionalism. We will definitely be in touch again as our business grows.
Chris Milne Director, Ground Stiffness Surveys

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