Lights, camera, action.

Promoting your business with video has never been harder. With so many other companies competing for your customers' attention, how do you make sure your message cuts through the noise?

I draw on over 13 years of TV production experience to create powerful promotional videos that captivate your customers and persuade them to act. My production process is made up of four simple steps:

1.  Plan

Behind every sucessful video is good planning.

I spend time learning about your business, finding out more about your audience and understanding what you want your video to achieve. It's from these insights that I develop a unique creative treatment that gets results.

My videos are all about emotive storytelling. My aim is to take the viewer right to the heart of your business, show them what makes you unique and ultimately persuade them to buy from you over your competitors.

2.  Film

With the scripts written, shots storyboarded and marketing strategy in place, it's time to start filming.

As a BBC-trained television director, quality is what I pride myself on the most. I work with a team of talented freelance broadcast professionals to make sure your film will look as good as possible and reflect your brand in the best possible light.

I attend every shoot and manage all of the timings and logistics to make sure that filming runs perfectly to schedule.

3.  Edit

After the shoot, it's time to put your masterpiece together.

The edit is where all of the video footage is stitched together to create the finished product. Sign-off only takes place when you're 100% happy.

I can source and license a range of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects to set a particular tone or mood.

I can also add expertly-crafted motion graphics, logo animations and 3D designs if required.

4.  Deliver

Video content is only successful if your customers can see it.

I help you understand your target audience so that your video gets distributed to the right channels.

My videos are filmed in glorious high definition and delivered in a web-ready format, so you can upload them to your website straight away. I can create a series of shorter 'cut-down' versions if required and we can discuss ideas for re-purposing the same content on social media so that you get maximum value from your video production investment.

Stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.